the history

In early 2011, I wanted a comic book wallet. But I wanted it to be made with real comic pages. And I wanted it to be laminated. But it should still be flexible. And I wanted it to hold all my cards and cash. And I wanted it to be well made without tape or glue. But I couldn't find one. 

Already having some amateur knowledge of fashion design and pattern making, I decided to craft it myself. And it worked! I still have that first wallet and now there are hundreds of ReGeeked comic book wallets all over the world. 

How do I get one?!

Shop online from the comfort of your own home. Check out the event page to find out when I'll be in your area, or check out any of the retail locations currently carrying ReGeeked wallets and accessories.

Still not finding what your heart desires? I take custom orders! Contact me with what you would like me to make, just for you! (Please note custom orders usually take 1-2 weeks to complete).

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the process

ReGeeked is a line of hand crafted wallets and accessories. Every piece is created with genuine comic book pages and news print, making each a unique and one of a kind find. Each wallet is first cut from discarded or damaged comic books and layered with other recycled papers before being laminated by hand with a vinyl laminate. This technique provides protection for the comic pages and keeps the wallet durable while also maintaining the flexibility of paper. Any scrap pages are then used to create pins, magnets, and key chains to keep waste to a minimum and give as much new life as possible to what might previously be considered worthless. All wallets and larger accessories are tagged with the publication date of the comic(s) used when available and the date it was crafted.

Wait, you use actual REAL comic book pages?!

Yes, everything is 100% genuine comic book pages. No photocopies or prints. Each product is tagged with the original publication date of the comic(s) used, if available and the date it was crafted. 

How durable are these? How long will it last?

Each piece is laminated with vinyl on both sides by hand for durability and flexibility. They can withstand a minor spill or a bit of rain and, while I would not recommend it, I know from personal experience it can survive two runs through a washing machine and will still be usable. Most wallets will last 2-3+ years with normal daily usage.